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The Best Hostel in Finland 2019 is Tapion Tupa

Tapion Tupa has been chosen as The Best Hostel in Finland 2019. This peasant-style hostel is located in Kalajoki, right next to the famous sand ban...

Hostel Suomenlinna chosen as the Hostel of the year 2018

Hostel Suomenlinna has been chosen as the Hostel of the year 2018. The hostel hosted by the Organization for Outdoor Education in Finland is lo...

Skype meeting with Santa Claus surprised Japanese children

When you were a child at Christmas, you wonder why \"Santa Claus knows what I want\" or \"How does he come to the house?\" On December 2, 37 chil...

Finland´s food capital Turku offers a plate full of delicacies

Turku has been cultivating the growth of a vibrant restaurant culture in recent years, prompting the city to declare itself the food capital of F...

Free things to do in Finland

Scandinavia is truly not that famous for being a budget travel destination and Finland, to be more precise, is herein no exception. Okay, it is n...

Come to Finland – these are our newbies!

You know what they say about Finland, especially people who have not been here yet: It’s supposed to be always cold, dark and known for its wet wea...

Following the footsteps of the Eurovision zombies

[caption id=\"\" align=\"alignleft\" width=\"233\"] Arktikum in Rovaniemi ©[/caption] It has been ten years since the Finnish band...

Helsinki on a budget

Sure, there are always ways to spend a huuuge amount of money, especially while on vacation. Luxury hotels, 5-star restaurants, entertainment’s f...