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The Finnish Hostel Association is part of the global network Hostelling International (HI). Located in some of the world’s most inspiring locations, the Hostelling International network offers 3.500 unique hostels in 90 countries worldwide. All HI hostels meet assured standards, which guarantee a range of good quality safe accommodation, in friendly surroundings at affordable prices. Within the network you will find a range of interesting places to stay, from medieval castles to modern eco hostels, log cabin ski lodges and there’s even a hostel in a jumbo jet! Some are small and intimate with private rooms, others are vibrant, buzzing places where you can meet fellow travellers from around the world.

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About Hostelling International (HI)

Hostelling International, established in 1932, is a non-profit federation of hostel organizations. HI works in close collaboration with 69 national hostel organizations, with its aim being to provide people with opportunities to visit new places and learn about different cultures and to promote understanding between cultures by offering safe and inexpensive hostel accommodation all over the world. HI is one of the largest youth membership organizations in the world. There are 3,6 million HI membership card holders, and HI hostels provide more than 35 million nights of accommodation every year. In England and Wales HI hostels are called YHA hostels.


The international membership card is a global membership of the Hostelling International network.
To ensure the member discount, book your accommodation via the booking system.