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Country romance lovers can indulge themselves in our hostel-network’s historic sites. All of these hostels have their own unique story, just waiting for listeners to arrive. We are presenting now two hostels, of which stories take on more than hundred, even up to several hundred years.


The wilderness under its arms, in the beautiful countryside of Savo located, Hostel WillaNuttu has a somewhat atypical hostel history. Built in the early 1900s as poorhouse on initiative of the decision-makers in the former Eastern Savo socken Sääminki, the building has undergone a transformation through a retirement home to a warm welcoming hostel. Accommodation starting operations saved the historic buildings from the imminent threat of demolition. Today travellers can enjoy the personal history of Hostel WillaNuttu over a wide garden area.


The rooms in WillaNuttu are mainly for two persons, but also 3-6 person family rooms are available. Showers, toilets and self-catering kitchen are located in the immediate proximity of the rooms. A living room can be found in the common area. From the yard a variety of activity opportunities can be reached, such as football- and beach volley courts, mini- and frisbee golf tracks, nature trails, illuminated fitness devices as well as in a short distance away the observation- and adventure tower.


Kartano Hostel is located in the Vekara country house, whose history dates back to the 1550s. The farm was one of the Sonnila village houses in Kokemäki. Built in 1790 the main building has been moved from the group to its present location in 1830. The farm’s history is worth visiting in a granary building placed in the home museum, where the status of objects by up to 270 years can be seen.

Close to the hostel can be also found the as a place of pilgrimage known oldest wooden building of Finland, where according to tradition Bishop Henry held in 1156 his last sermon before his death. The forefathers of the current premises’ owners can be found in historical figures that had lived for example in the 1500s as Finnish supreme governors or already in the 1350s as Turku’s castle bailiffs.

Nowadays Anttila farm’s main production is horticulture and you can enjoy the farm’s lemonade- and juice productions as well as other delicious farm store offerings. Accommodations are located in the main building of the country house together with the yard’s other buildings. The hostel offers 1-7 bedded rooms as well as many common lounges. Breakfast, bed linen, towels and sauna are included in the accommodation price. Of course you can also use your own bed linen and stay without using the houses’ breakfast offer.

Translation: Susanne Schick
(Original 10/2014)