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Finnish Hostel Association is a nonprofit organization that is established in 1935 by the member organizations. In 2016 Finnish Hostel Association has 42 member associations and it steers the hostel network in Finland. Finnish Hostel Association is also part of the global Hostelling International (HI) network, which aims to provide opportunities to visit new places and learn about different cultures by offering safe, inexpensive and comfortable hostel accommodation.

The Finnish HI hostels are…


The hostels offer excellent value for money, as you pay for only the services you choose. You can choose from among several sizes and types of room. The least expensive option is a bed in a shared dormitory. If you prefer, you can make your breakfast and meals in the hostel’s self-catering kitchen. If you are a member in the member association of Finnish Hostel Association you will get 10 % off your accommodation price in Finland.

If you purchase an international hostel card, you will always receive a discount saving you at least 10% off your bill and get other benefits also abroad.


Every HI hostel in Finland has its own flavour. There are hostels in both the cities and the countryside. Options include a historic manor house on the edge of a national park or at a pilot station on a remote island. You can even stay in a hostel on a museum boat. The one common feature shared by all of the hostels is that they offer the guest a safe, high-quality hostel experience.


Hostels are international meeting places. Shared facilities provide an ideal setting for meeting other travellers and sharing travel experiences. Also, the friendly hostel staff will be happy to give you tips on events, amenities, and places to see. The hostel doors are open to all: to those travelling alone, to families and groups – to holidaymakers and business travellers alike.