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VuodenHostelli2016Hostel Domus Academica has been selected as Finnish Hostel of the Year 2016 by the Finnish Hostel Association. The in summer performing hostel is located right in the centre of Helsinki. The selection was done by the board of the Finnish Hostel Association. This year the selection highlighted the hostel’s customer satisfaction, the active development of quality as well as participation in activities of the Hostelling International network.

“Hostel Domus Academica’s management and staff are active in developing quality and it is the first HIQ+S certificate a hostel in Finland received, where ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development is taken into account”, thanks Finnish Hostel Association’s CEO Irja Hanelius.

Hostel Domus Academica offers 326 rooms and the clientele consists of tourists from around the world. Good service, vibe and a smile are honorary things for the hostel. The hostel compensates annually overnight stays which are caused by the carbon footprint, favours for breakfast organic and local food and fair-trades products together with introducing and committing the staff at the beginning of this year to ecological consideration.

The Finnish Hostel Association rewards annually one performing hostel with the honouring name Finnish Hostel of the Year. The Finnish Hostel of the Year has been selected since 2004. Last year the title was received by Hostel Vaihelan Tila in Joutsa.

Translation: Susanne Schick
(Original 03/2016)