Hostels in Finland


Hostels offer excellent value for money, as you only pay for the services you need. You can choose among several room types ranging from shared dormitory to private room with own washing facilities. If you prefer, you can prepare your breakfast and meals in the hostel’s self-catering kitchen.

When purchasing a Hostelling International eMembership or a hostel card, you will always receive a discount saving you at least 10 % off your bill in all Hostelling International (HI) hostels worldwide. The Hostelling International eMembership and hostel card allow access to other possible travel related benefits as well!

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Every HI hostel in Finland has its own flavor. There are hostels both in the cities and the countryside. Options include a historic manor house on the edge of a national park or a pilot station on a remote island – you can even stay in a former steamboat turned into a hostel!

The hostels offer a variety of room types, from dorms to private rooms, to choose from. Some might even include a private bathroom. The one common feature shared by all of the hostels is that they offer the guest a safe, high-quality hostel experience.



Hostels are international meeting places. Shared facilities provide an ideal setting for meeting other travelers and sharing travel experiences. Also, the friendly hostel staff will be happy to give you tips on events, amenities, and places to see.

In addition to accommodation, many hostels offer a wide range of opportunities for activities and a variety of program services. The hostel doors are open for all: to those traveling alone, to families and groups – to vacationers and business travelers alike.



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Quality labels

HI-Quality and HI-Quality & Sustainability

Hostelling International has composed a quality system, directed especially for hostels, called HI-Quality (HI-Q) and HI-Quality & Sustainability (HI-Q&S). Only certified hostels can use HI-Q or HI-Q&S -logo in their marketing.

In Finland the following hostels have fulfilled the HI-Q or HI-Q&S criteria:

Eurohostel, Helsinki (HI-Q&S)
Hostel Suomenlinna, Helsinki (HI-Q&S)
Lomakivi, Iitti/Kausala (HI-Q&S)
Majatalo Pihlajapuu, Nurmes (HI-Q&S)
Dream Hostel & Hotel, Tampere (HI-Q&S)
Hostel Linnasmäki, Turku (HI-Q)

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The Finnish Nature League Recommends

The criterion for the Finnish Nature League Recommends label has been composed in collaboration with the Finnish Nature League. The hostels that have fulfilled the criterion can use the label’s logo in their marketing.

In Finland the following hostels have fulfilled the Finnish Nature League’s criteria:

Hostel Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Time Hostel, Jyväskylä
Nuorisokeskus Anjala, Kouvola
Majatalo Pihlajapuu, Nurmes
Linnansaaren Ekohostelli, Linnansaari

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