Hostelli Hirvaskangas

Vanha Hirvasentie 13, 44250 Äänekoski

Check-in 14:00

Welcome to Hirvaskangas! Local ABC (former ESSO) has been a famous truck stop for years but in recent years people, that are working in Jyväskylä or Äänekoski have started to build their homes in the area of Hirvaskangas. Here are three gas stations Shell, Teboil and ABC and there are many places to choose where to eat. At Hirvaskangas Teboil you will find a very cozy hamburger place where many products are home made. The building, where Hostelli Hirvaskangas is now, used to be a motel, but it has been renovated. You will be accommodated in comfortable rooms for 1 or 2 persons. Toilets and showers are in the corridor. Communal area, where there is a little kitchen, will give you the opportunity to microwave your food and watch TV. If you take few steps outside from the kitchen door, you will find a barbeque place. Location is perfect by the highway E75, about 30km north of Jyväskylä, and about half way when travelling from Helsinki to Oulu. On the east side of the highway is ABC and Shell, but the Hostelli Hirvaskangas is on the west side and up on top of the hill, behind Teboil and the hamburger place. There are forests behind the hostel and they are ideal for hiking and picking mushrooms and berries. Welcome to stay over night at Hostelli Hirvaskangas!

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